(WDS) Webpack Development Server

Webpack Development Server, also known as WDS, is a development server that can be used during the development process of a web application. It is built on top of Webpack, a popular module bundler used to compile and manage the dependencies of JavaScript applications. WDS is designed to provide a convenient and efficient way to run a local development server, making it easier for developers to test and iterate on their projects.

WDS serves the application through a local host and automatically reloads the page whenever changes are made to the code. This saves time for developers, who no longer need to manually reload the page to see their changes reflected. WDS also provides support for hot module replacement (HMR), which allows for selective updates to the code without having to reload the entire page.

In addition to its core features, WDS can be extended through plugins and can be configured to use specific settings or custom middleware. This makes it a flexible and versatile tool that can be adapted to meet the needs of different projects.

Overall, WDS is a useful tool for web developers, as it streamlines the development process and provides a convenient way to test and iterate on projects.

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