(SLAP) Single Level of Abstraction Principle

The Single Level of Abstraction Principle (SLAP) is a software design principle that states that each module or function should only have one level of abstraction. In other words, each module or function should perform only one task and perform it well. This makes the code easier to understand, maintain, and test, as each module or function can be isolated and tested in isolation.

By keeping the level of abstraction consistent within a module or function, developers can avoid the confusion that can arise from having too many abstractions in a single module or function. This leads to clearer, more maintainable code that is easier to understand and modify. Additionally, SLAP makes it easier to identify and isolate bugs and performance issues, as well as to add new functionality.

In summary, SLAP helps to ensure that software is well-organized, easy to understand, and maintainable, and that it meets the needs of the stakeholders.